Freie Stelle als Backup guide in der Pszta Ungarns

Freie Stelle als Backup guide in der Pszta Ungarns

Beitragvon Homoki Lodge » 21 Aug 2014, 19:48

looks for a backup tour giude who speaks fluent English
Type of work: Training position,
Work area: Backup tour guide
Time period: 25.08.2014 to 1.12.2014

WE OFFER : -Backup guide position for daily horse riding tours - -Full board and lodging -Horses are kept nomad style as a herd , -Regulated working hours and fair income , -Entry date: from now -Leaving date : November 2014 Your TASKS and our
EXPECTATIONS : -Work mainly as a back up guide with a local riding guide. Expect groups of 6 advanced international riding guests to be guided daily across the Puszta plains - average horseback tours last for 4-5 hours and cover around 30-50 km. -Work around the horse ( horse care , horse training , tacking , feeding , leather care , etc )
-In addition: Services in the guest relation departments (restaurant, bar, lounge ), In-house services at the hotel (reception).
Good knowledge of English is required and French would be helpful , responsibility and reliability compared to humans and animals is what we expect.
Qualifications / Requirements:
-You are a very experienced rider and a communicative person! We are curious to receive your CV and significant documents with photos, please mail us
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